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Tunics were perhaps the first style to spread throughout Europe, worn from Ireland to Russia, Scandinavia to Byzantium to Spain.  They were worn by almost everyone, peasant to noble, from Roman times through the 1300's.  Many of the same variations are seen again and again, although a few appear to be limited to one sex or the other.

Class differences were shown by the fabric and decoration as well as the cut of the tunic.  A nobleman at court might wear a long, full tunic of silk with jeweled embroidery, while working in the field, his poorest peasant would wear a short tunic of coarse wool.  Men would usually wear hose with their tunics.
Parti Color Collared Tunic
Tabards are a quick way to dress up the pages, hide that stained tunic on the way into court, dress up your armor, or just add a bit of flash.  We have made them in many styles over the years, but we have had the most fun with the Cape Back Tabard.

Popular with light weapons fighters and horsemen, this one adds that bit of swish as front is belted and the back hangs loosely as a cape.
Cape Back Tabard

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