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Good sir, look dashing in our Party-colored Houppelande!

With full sleeves, decorated with square dags, it is fancy enough to wear before the king (in fact they have been worn by Kings in the SCA), yet sturdy enough to wear over armor and take into combat.  Worn with a belt, this men’s garment emphasizes the shoulders, while allowing you to show off your legs for the ladies.  It can be worn alone, or over one of our collared tunics and a pair of hose.  Made from pre-shrunk cotton, it can breathe on hot days and go into the washing machine.  Our most popular garment, we’ve sold hundreds of these over the years with many satisfied customers in the Society for Creative Anachronism, at medieval events, and Renaissance faires.

Each panel alternates color, and this include the fully-lined sleeves.  Select which color you wish to fall over your right front (color 1) and left front (color 2) .  For orders of three (3) or more houppelandes, please contact us first to confirm the availability of certain colors.

There are over six yards of fabric in this garment, making this a very full yet light outfit that is forgiving to the changing waistline.  This is a one-size fits most garment.  Our standard size has fitted many hefty gentlemen, and their armor, while still looking perfect on more slender lords.

Mens Houppelandes

Order one for yourself, or several matching houppelandes to outfit your friends and household for a truly impressive display in your colors.

The houppelande was worn throughout Europe from approximately 1360-1460.  From the 1360's until about 1395 men's and women's houppelandes were both full length garments.  After 1395 men's houppelandes ranged from full length to above the hip.  The mid thigh length (short) length was common with the working class.

We have made houppelandes in many lengths, but by far our best selling is the men's short houppelande.  We make two major versions, either with dagged sleeves and hems, or with cape sleeves.  Short houppelandes are usually worn with Hose.  Although the dagged sleeve version can be worn alone, the cape sleeve ones are always worn over a shirt.

The fabrics we use range from cottons to velvets.  For general wear we usually use cottons, linens and wool, for court garb we also use silks, satins and velvet.   We've also embellished them with embroidery and heraldic stamps.

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