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We have over 30 years experience making medieval garb, fantasy & science fiction costuming as well as other fabric creations ranging from custom equipment bags to kites.

Our owner has been interested in the middle ages almost as long as he can remember.  While in the army he served three tours in Germany which only served to fuel this interest.  Somewhere along the line he met other people with similar interests and became a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Since joining the SCA, where he is known as Galen the Merchant, he has done many things such as serving as the Principality Chatelaine (Gold Key) in Drachenwald and as the Arts & Sciences officer in the Baronies of Knight's Crossing and the Far West.  He also served as the Seneschal of several Shires & Cantons (in several different kingdoms).

His SCA awards include:
     Order of the Panache
     Orden des Lindquistringes
     Royal Gauntlet
     Order of the Wheel
     Order of the Oriental Dragon
Other awards received include:
    (Smithsonian Kite Festival)
     1st Place 2003, Kitebuilder, Bowed Kites
     1st Place 2006, Kitebuilder, Train's
Although costuming is the backbone of the business, we also have experience in many other areas.  Such as kite building and kite workshops.  Our good friend and operations manager also makes some of the best cheesecakes around (in over 20 different flavors).

We do occasionally get asked about out company name.  When we started, all the original members were electronic technicians, and our hobbies included costuming (and many other things...).

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